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How to Find Pet Friendly Hotels

It is no longer necessary for dog owners who are also avid travelers to make the difficult choice between going on an adventure and spending quality time with a cherished pet.

Hotels nationwide, and even some hotels worldwide, are starting to welcome pet owners and their four-legged friends. A popular guidebook states that more than 14,000 hotels and other lodgings across the United States and Canada are pet-friendly.

When you want to take your dog on vacation, here are some things you need to know about hotels that allow pets.

Where to Find Hotels That Are Pet Friendly and How to Do So

Researching options on the internet is the most effective way to locate a hotel that welcomes people traveling with pets. Checking the websites of hotel chains to see if they have pet-friendly rooms is an excellent place to start looking for accommodations that allow pets.

In addition, websites solely devoted to travel compile the information into a single location.

On their websites, humane societies frequently list local pet-friendly hotels; therefore, check online for the humane society branch in the city you will visit.

Be sure to inquire about the hotel’s pet policy when making your reservation, as this stipulation varies from establishment to establishment.

Standard hotel policies cover the following:

Room availability

In most hotels, the number of pet-friendly rooms is limited; therefore, you should call the establishment in advance to ensure you can reserve one during the required dates.

Weight limits

Many hotels will only allow dogs that weigh less than 40 pounds.

The control exerted by the owner

Some hotels do not allow guests to leave their dogs unattended in the hotel room while they’re out.


If you bring your dog along, be prepared to pay additional fees. The amount that some hotels charge varies greatly.

What Pet-Friendly Hotels Offer

Hotel Room Reservation

Hotels that allow pets may offer many different conveniences to their guests. While some chains provide a pleasant room, others offer the most luxurious spa experience.

The following are included in the variety of services:

References in veterinary medicine

Services related to walking dogs

Dog walking and sitting services

Trail, park, and beach maps that are accessible to four-legged friends

In-hotel grooming

Dog-friendly restaurants

Dog biscuits that have just been baked.

How to Make the Most of Staying in a Hotel With Your Dog

Although the pet-friendly hotels you find may be able to meet all of your needs, it is still in your best interest to make preparations in advance so that you are ready to deal with both expected and unexpected issues.

Here are some travel suggestions for your upcoming adventure.

Pack your dog’s belongings with the same care as you would your own. Put together a kit that includes the pet’s medication, preferred toys, regular bedding, food bowls, and favorite treats.

Check to see if the brand of food your dog eats is available in the area. If it is difficult to find, you should bring your supply of their usual fare if a sudden change to their diet can cause stomach upset.

Have an advanced conversation with the concierge about the daily schedule. You will want to be informed about the availability of dog walking, dog sitting, housekeeping visits to your room, and any other activities or occurrences that may affect your dog.

Spending the first few hours with your dog can help prevent anxious feelings from developing. After hanging out in the room together, go on your first excursion in the neighborhood. Next, for example, you should step out of the room for brief intervals, such as ten minutes, to get a newspaper from the basement. Your dog will better understand, as a result, that even though you leave, you do come back. If it’s at all possible, you shouldn’t ever leave your dog alone in the room.

When you plan to stay in a hotel with your pet, consider the hotel your travel companion. Find out the rules, and if you need any help navigating the area, ask the hotel staff or the concierge.

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