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What Do All Inclusive Resorts Include

What Do All Inclusive Resorts Include

All-inclusive resorts typically include many amenities and services in their package rates. Here are some standard inclusions:


Accommodations are a fundamental part of the all-inclusive resort experience. They offer guests a comfortable and convenient place to stay during their vacation. When you book an all-inclusive package, your room or suite is typically included, ensuring a cozy retreat to relax and unwind after a day of adventure or leisure.

These accommodations often come in various options for different preferences and group sizes. It ranges from standard rooms to luxurious suites with breathtaking views. Regardless of the accommodation type, all-inclusive resorts strive to provide a welcoming environment where guests can feel at home.

By including accommodations in the package, resorts aim to simplify the vacation planning process for guests. It allows them to focus on enjoying their time without worrying about additional costs or arrangements. Whether a cozy room nestled amidst tropical gardens or an elegant suite overlooking pristine beaches, the included accommodations ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay from check-in to check-out.


All-inclusive resorts include meals in their package.

Meals are a crucial feature of all-inclusive resorts, ensuring guests can access various dining options without additional expenses. Most, if not all, include meals in the package, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes snacks.

These meals are often served in buffet-style restaurants, offering various dishes to cater to multiple tastes and dietary preferences. Many resorts also provide à la carte dining options. It allows guests to enjoy more intimate dining experiences with a menu tailored to their liking.

Including meals in the package simplifies the vacation experience for guests. It allows them to indulge in culinary delights without worrying about extra costs. Whether savoring international cuisines, sampling local delicacies, or enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars, the inclusive meal options ensure that guests can relish their dining experiences to the fullest throughout their stay.


One of the perks of staying at an all-inclusive resort is they include beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in the package. This means guests can quench their thirst without worrying about additional costs for most drinks.

Alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits, are typically covered by the all-inclusive package. However, some premium brands may require an extra fee.

All-inclusive resorts usually include non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, soft drinks, coffee, and tea, providing guests with a wide selection throughout their stay.

By including drinks in the package, all-inclusive resorts offer guests a hassle-free experience. They can enjoy their favorite beverages without constantly reaching for their wallets. Whether lounging by the pool with a refreshing cocktail or sipping a morning espresso, the inclusive drink options ensure that guests can stay hydrated and satisfied throughout their vacation.

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All-inclusive resorts are renowned for their extensive range of activities, providing guests with many options. There’s something for everyone, from thrilling water sports to exciting land activities.

Water sports are a highlight, with popular choices for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. These activities allow guests to explore the resort’s surrounding waters, marvel at vibrant marine life, or soak up the sun.

On land, resorts offer sports like tennis and volleyball, providing opportunities for friendly competition and exercise. Additionally, fitness classes cater to those looking to stay active during their vacation, with options ranging from yoga to aerobics.

For those seeking adventure beyond the resort grounds, some all-inclusive packages even include excursions to nearby attractions, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture or explore natural wonders.

With such diverse activities included in the package, all-inclusive resorts ensure that guests can make the most of their vacation, creating unforgettable memories while enjoying their favorite pastimes.


Entertainment is critical to the all-inclusive resort experience, offering guests a vibrant and memorable atmosphere. Nightly entertainment is a highlight, with various shows, live music performances, and engaging events often included in the package.

These entertainment options cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that guests can enjoy themselves regardless of their interests. Whether dancing to live music, watching captivating performances, or participating in themed events, something exciting always happens at all-inclusive resorts after the sun goes down.

By including nightly entertainment in the package, resorts enhance the overall vacation experience. It allows guests to socialize, unwind, and create lasting memories. Whether enjoying a dazzling stage production or simply relaxing under the stars while listening to live music, the inclusive entertainment options ensure guests have a truly unforgettable stay.

Kid’s Club

All-inclusive resorts often include a haven for families by offering supervised kids’ clubs. These clubs allow parents to relax and enjoy time alone while their children engage in fun and safe activities.

These kids’ clubs cater to various age groups, providing a range of activities and entertainment tailored to each child’s interests. From arts and crafts to games and outdoor adventures, there’s always something exciting for children to enjoy under the supervision of trained staff.

The availability of kids’ clubs means parents can take a break knowing their children are well taken care of and entertained. Parents can unwind and recharge while their kids have a blast, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a spa day, or simply some quiet time by the pool.

By including kids’ clubs in the package, all-inclusive resorts ensure families can make the most of their vacation experience, creating cherished memories for parents and children alike.

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Pools and Beach Access

All-inclusive resorts offer guests access to pools, beaches, loungers, and sometimes even water parks, providing a paradise for relaxation and fun.

The pools are often the heart of the resort, offering various options from serene adults-only pools to lively, family-friendly pools with water slides and swim-up bars. Guests can soak up the sun on comfortable loungers, take a refreshing dip, or enjoy the scenic views.

Beach access is another highlight, with pristine sand and crystal-clear waters inviting guests to unwind and enjoy water activities like swimming, snorkeling, or beach volleyball.

Loungers are provided at the pools and the beach, ensuring guests have a comfortable spot to relax and soak in the tropical ambiance.

Some resorts even feature water parks with thrilling slides and splash zones, providing endless entertainment for guests of all ages.

With access to pools, beaches, loungers, and water parks included in the package, all-inclusive resorts offer guests the ultimate vacation experience, where relaxation and adventure await at every turn.

Taxes and Gratuities

They often include taxes and gratuities in the all-inclusive resort package, but it’s advisable to verify as they can vary depending on the resort and destination.

Including taxes and gratuities in the package simplifies the vacation experience for guests, eliminating the need to calculate additional costs and allowing them to budget more accurately.

Taxes typically cover local fees and government charges. At the same time, gratuities may be distributed among resort staff members who provide services during the stay, such as housekeeping, restaurant servers, and activity coordinators.

By including taxes and gratuities, all-inclusive resorts aim to provide a transparent pricing structure, ensuring guests understand what covers the package rate.

It’s always a good idea to confirm the specific details of taxes and gratuities with the resort when booking, as policies can vary, and unexpected charges can affect the overall vacation budget.


All-inclusive resorts include Wi-Fi.

Guests staying at an all-inclusive resort may have access to complimentary Wi-Fi. However, the quality and coverage can vary depending on the resort’s infrastructure and location.

Complimentary Wi-Fi lets guests stay connected with loved ones, access important information, and share their vacation experiences on social media platforms. However, the reliability and speed of the Wi-Fi connection may fluctuate, especially in remote or densely populated areas within the resort.

Guests should inquire about Wi-Fi availability and any limitations or additional charges associated with its usage when booking their stay. Some resorts may offer premium Wi-Fi options for faster speeds or extended coverage areas at an extra cost.

Despite potential variations in quality and coverage, complimentary Wi-Fi remains a valuable amenity for guests seeking to stay connected during their all-inclusive resort getaway. It allows them to strike a balance between relaxation and staying digitally connected.

Spa and Wellness

At many all-inclusive resorts, guests can indulge in spa and wellness treatments. Some resorts include access to spa facilities in their packages, while others offer discounts on spa services.

Access to spa facilities allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate in serene environments. These facilities offer saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and relaxation lounges. These facilities enable guests to de-stress, detox, and pamper themselves with treatments like massages, facials, body scrubs, and yoga sessions.

Even if full access isn’t included, many resorts provide discounts on spa treatments. It encourages guests to experience the therapeutic benefits of wellness therapies. These discounts enable guests to enjoy a range of treatments tailored to their preferences. It is whether they seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, or holistic healing.

Spa and wellness offerings enhance the overall vacation experience. They promote physical and mental well-being while allowing guests to escape the stresses of daily life. Whether indulging in a luxurious spa day or simply enjoying a relaxing massage, guests can emerge feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to make the most of their all-inclusive resort experience.

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Airport Transfers

Specific all-inclusive resort packages include transportation to and from the airport, providing guests with added convenience and peace of mind.

These airport transfers ensure a smooth transition between the airport and the resort. They eliminate the need for guests to arrange their transportation upon arrival or departure. Whether it’s a private car, shuttle service, or even a scenic boat ride, these transfers offer a hassle-free way for guests to start and end their vacation.

By including airport transfers, all-inclusive resorts aim to enhance the overall guest experience, minimize stress, and streamline travel. This feature is particularly beneficial for guests visiting unfamiliar destinations. Also, those seeking a seamless vacation experience without worrying about logistics.

While some packages may include standard transfers, others offer upgraded options for additional comfort or luxury. Regardless of the specifics, airport transfers ensure that guests can relax and enjoy from when they arrive until they depart. It makes their stay at the all-inclusive resort even more enjoyable.

Concierge Services

All-inclusive resorts include concierge services.

Concierge services are a valuable amenity offered by many all-inclusive resorts. They provide personalized assistance to enhance guests’ vacation experiences.

One of the primary functions of resort concierges is to help guests plan and book excursions. Whether it’s a snorkeling adventure, a jungle trek, or a cultural tour, the concierge can provide recommendations based on guests’ interests and preferences. They handle all the arrangements, from booking tickets to arranging transportation, ensuring guests can explore the surrounding attractions hassle-free.

Additionally, concierge services often include assistance with making restaurant reservations. Whether guests wish to dine at an on-site restaurant or explore local eateries, the concierge can secure reservations, offer recommendations, and provide information about dining options. This ensures guests enjoy memorable dining experiences without worrying about availability or logistics.

Furthermore, concierges are often a valuable source of information about the resort and its amenities. They can provide details about on-site activities, entertainment schedules, and special events, helping guests maximize their stay. Whether arranging a romantic dinner on the beach, organizing a surprise celebration, or simply providing directions, the concierge ensures that guests’ needs are met promptly and efficiently.

The personalized assistance offered by concierge services adds a touch of luxury and convenience to the all-inclusive resort experience. Guests can relax knowing that a dedicated team can assist them with any requests or arrangements. They also allow them to focus on enjoying their vacation to the fullest. Whether it’s planning adventures, dining experiences, or special occasions, the concierge is a valuable resource for creating unforgettable memories.

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Always double-check with the specific resort you’re interested in, as inclusions vary widely. Some higher-end resorts may offer more luxurious amenities or have fewer restrictions on what’s included. Additionally, some activities or services might have limitations or require reservations.

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