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What Is a Resort Hotel

Do you have a hard time where to stay and relax on your next vacation? It can be daunting to figure out which features are good when you’re looking for superb amenities and, of course, comfort. One of the questions typically asked is, “What makes a resort better than a hotel? And what makes it the so-called resort hotel?”.

What Is a Resort Hotel

Resort and hotel are both suitable facilities for vacationers and guests. In general, the difference between the two is that resort has additional leisure and sports facilities framed in a natural environment. In comparison, a hotel is just a lodging place. Even though many hotels already have this type of facility, resorts attract guests beyond the room.

Resort Hotel is an entire service lodging facility that typically includes recreational activities and entertainment. This so-called “resort hotel” is usually located in places frequently visited for recreation and relaxation, such as seashores, beaches, historic and scenic areas, spas, ski parks, etc. They operate all year round though some resorts operate on a seasonal basis.

The main benefit of booking a Resort Hotel is that vacationers and guests find a comprehensive service within the premises. It is very convenient for couples, friends, and families. They are also offering kids clubs, shopping, evening entertainment program, etc.

Room Booking and Rate Plans in a Resort Hotel

You come across some terminologies that might not make much sense to you regarding room bookings and rate plans. Here is the difference between European Plan, Continental Plan, American Plan, and Modified American Plan offered by resort hotels.

make the most of your vacation

  • European Plan (EP)

In European Plan is also known as the “Room Only” plan. The quoted rate is only for lodging. Therefore, it doesn’t include any meals. Furthermore, the advantage of this is that vacationers and guests can try a variety of restaurant experiences.

  • Continental Plan (CP)

In Continental Plan, room booking includes a daily breakfast within the length of your stay. The breakfast can either be a buffet in a common dining area or affix a menu and served by room service. It depends on the hotel to the hotel.

  • American Plan (AP)

Most resort hotel operates on this so-called American Plan. The quoted rate in AP includes three meals a day for the length of your stay – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although the rates are generally higher, it is more convenient and offers good value for your money.

  • Modified American Plan (MAP)

The Modified American Plan is a slightly altered version of the American Plan. It includes a room stay with breakfast and a choice between lunch or dinner. Generally, it is convenient and cost-benefit for those vacationers and guests who are away during noon or evening hours. However, some have a policy in which you cannot switch between lunch and dinner.

Make the Most of Your Vacation

Vacation days are very precious. It is the time to recharge and relax fully. Your time off may end up completely counterproductive if you don’t commit yourself to that. There’s no way to control travel mishaps and flight delays!

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