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Where to Vacation in Arizona

Arizona, one of the top holiday vacation destinations in the world, is full of tourist hotspots and must-see locations, each with its traits and points of interest.

Due to the abundance of possibilities, deciding what to do in Arizona this weekend or on your next visit might be challenging.

Where to Vacation in Arizona

Arizona provides a wealth of famous national parks, legendary history, diverse landscapes, and Old West traces. Arizona rewards individuals who broaden their perspectives even though it is home to well-known vacation attractions like the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

There are many fascinating archaeological, historical, and cultural sites related to Native American culture for visitors to appreciate in Arizona, which contains over 25% Indian reservations.

Arizona’s cities are enjoyable and welcoming locations to visit. There is also terrific nightlife there because of the abundance of fantastic museums, theaters, and art galleries that call them home. Arizona is a wonderful state to visit, and the most excellent spots to go there would stay in your memory for a very long time.

National Park Canyon de Chelly

Visit the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, located inside the Navajo Nation’s borders and has been continuously inhabited by the Anasazi and Navajo people for about 5,000 years.

Even though it is entirely in ruins now, it is still worthwhile to visit.

You may view the incredible sight of all these cliff homes high up and carved into the side of the canyon walls if you join a private tour or a free ranger-led trek.

While most of the ruins are no longer open to tourists, there are still some areas you may explore on your own and at least one self-guided climb.

Havasu Lake

When Robert McCulloch decided to acquire the London Bridge and transfer it, brick by brick, to the little hamlet of Lake Havasu in 1967, he made a superb acquisition. Now firmly established, Lake Havasu went on to win the distinction of being among the most significant American towns.

In addition to this great feature, Lake Havasu is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts. You may take advantage of 1800 miles of off-road trails, 60 miles of navigable rivers, and more than 300 days of sunlight.

Along with a white sand beach, the lake also features the largest skatepark in Arizona and 27 replica lighthouses. Even more of an incentive to spend your winter holiday in Lake Havasu.

Walnut Canyon

Why not learn everything you can about pre-Columbian history while also taking a minute to admire the aboriginal people’s culture and natural beauty?

The state’s ancient cliff houses, carved into the side of canyon cliffs, are one of the most well-liked tourist attractions.

Before being abruptly abandoned, the Sinagua people lived in Walnut Canyon. The disappearance of the Sinagua is puzzling given that they not only survived in such conditions but even maintained a trading empire. The solution to this problem has eluded historians and archaeologists up to this point.

And now that the site is accessible to everyone, solving the puzzle on your own is legal! (Within appropriate bounds, of course.)

So why not include visiting this unique spot to your list of must-dos if you’re interested in acting as archeological detectives?

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

The breathtaking scenery of Tonto Natural Bridge State Park slowly and carefully came to life. A travertine dam is first created by combining rainwater, volcanic lava, and saltwater. The dam deteriorated over time. I was living in front of the biggest travertine natural bridge in the world.

The 150-foot-wide bridge spans the sparkling Pine Creek at more than 180 feet. The awe-inspiring natural setting, surrounded by pine trees, running springs, and caves covered in ferns, stands in sharp contrast to the surroundings. Although climbing over the bridge is the park’s most well-liked activity, there are four additional hiking paths you may use to learn more about Pine Canyon’s incredible geology.

Castle Montezuma

Montezuma Castle, located 50 miles south of Flagstaff, was constructed between 700 and 900 years ago. The limestone cliffs of Beaver Creek Canyon were used to cut the five-story castle. Montezuma Castle, located 100 feet above the valley level, is a striking example of the Sinagua people’s tenacity and resourcefulness.

The 20 different chambers that make up the castle are held together by mud and clay mortar. Unfortunately, Montezuma Castle’s interior is not accessible to guests. However, the walking trail’s impressive vistas and various educational panels combine to make a remarkable experience. Explore the visitors center to find out more about the castle.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most stunning sites in America and the internationally famous crown gem of the Colorado Plateau Province. This area, big enough to be visible from space, consistently ranks in Arizona’s top 10 most incredible places to visit.

There is never a boring moment in Grand Canyon because of the stunning scenery, tremendous biodiversity, and strenuous activities available to you.

Consider going white-water rafting on the Colorado River or gazing in awe at the canyon’s walls, which are a living history lesson. There are also rides on mules if you’d prefer not to stroll!

In conclusion, the Grand Canyon is a must-visit location for anybody who enjoys the outdoors or has a passing interest in geology.

This geological wonder somehow inspires awe in the human psyche. Therefore, it’s worth visiting for an unforgettable experience! You should add this to your list of Arizona must-see attractions.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The vast Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which is mainly made up of endless desert, encircles the stunning waters of Lake Powell. Spectacular red rock formations surround the lake’s deep waters. Additionally, dramatic rock walls descend into them along its more than three thousand kilometers of shoreline.

Five marinas are dispersed across this well-liked boating destination, and guests may enjoy many fantastic water sports and activities. This national recreation area offers activities for everyone, including kayaking and jet skiing on Lake Powell’s waters, fishing along the coast, and hiking among stunning rock formations.

Paria Canyon and Rainbow Bridge stand out among the surreal desert environment as striking examples. Another Glen Canyon location that is a must-see is Horseshoe Bend. Don’t hesitate to stay for a few days; you won’t regret it.


The state capital, fittingly called “the Valley of the Sun” due to its location in the middle of a desert, is unquestionably the state’s cultural and economic center. Phoenix, which has beautiful weather practically year-round, draws over sixteen million tourists annually.

Phoenix has a lot going for it, including many museums that are instructive and enjoyable, as well as some fantastic theatre and shopping possibilities. Visitors may check out a lot of great restaurants and pubs. Sports fans may follow any of the city’s teams, while golfers enjoy visiting the more than 200 courses.

Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon

You might find what you’re looking for at Antelope Canyon. This particular canyon, known for its frequent flash floods, necessitates tourists being led on guided excursions for their protection.

Having all that, there’s a reason it’s regarded as one of Arizona’s most picturesque destinations.

Here, the banded sandstone has been smoothed into stunning forms that resemble the rushing river that has carved them. You should put this location on your list of Arizona must-sees just for the breathtaking vista alone!

The canyons are separated into two sections, the upper and lower canyon. They are named for the pronghorn antelopes that were once widespread in this area. Even though both are equally stunning, if you’re a casual traveler looking for some fun, you might want to choose the upper canyon.

Horseshoe Bend

One of the most well-known views in the United States is Horseshoe Bend, which is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The park boasts many magnificent rock formations, picturesque panoramas, and an intriguing layer of prehistoric history. But Horseshoe Bend always snatches the spotlight.

The Colorado River makes a stunning 180-degree bend through the park, carving it over millions of years. As a result, a breathtaking horseshoe-shaped landscape with deep blue streams running through an orange canyon.

Complete the reasonably level 1.5-mile climb to the observation platform for the most incredible view in the house (this hike is wheelchair accessible). As you gaze down 1,000 feet to the river below from there, attempt to keep your balance.

Havasu Falls

This climb should be on your bucket list since it leads to turquoise waterfalls in a lush desert. Havasu Falls’ allure and splendor are tough to put into words, but when a problematic walk is worthwhile, you know the payoff is appropriate.

Visitors will need to make travel arrangements in advance due to the famed journey’s popularity, difficulty, and fragility of the scenery. A night must be spent either at Havasupai Lodge or beneath the stars at the campsite close to the falls.  However, they must obtain permits in advance.

Once your permit is in order, you start the trip by descending 1800 feet as you make your way to the Grand Canyon’s base. Ten kilometers round trip is the distance of the mysterious waterfall walk.


Contrary to popular belief, gazing at the surroundings is among the most excellent vacation activities to do in Arizona. It’s magnificent to see the desert scenery here amid the canyons and valleys. Furthermore, it exudes a raw, earthy vibe that attracts sensitive people.

You should put Sedona on your must-visit list right now if you practice any form of spirituality. The desert town is a cultural art haven surrounded by fantastic rock formations in Verde Valley.

Even while the iron oxide and manganese red streaks frequently draw tourists, Sedona is prominent for something else. Four energy vortexes may be found among the massive rock formations. These places have caused people to cry merely by entering them. After all, there is a purpose for that town’s metaphysical stores!

Sedona is a one-holiday destination with plenty to offer everyone, so don’t worry if you’re not the metaphysical kind.

Petrified Forest National Park

Most people don’t find scenic locations to be very alluring. Yet there’s a reason Arizona’s attractions are primarily focused on the scenery. Where else could you possibly come upon an entirely petrified forest? It’s a place that is genuinely unique!

The Petrified Forest National Park encloses an area of about 146 square miles in northeastern Arizona. It encompasses both Navajo and Apache counties.

The park, which became a national monument in 1906, features some spectacular topography that is difficult to locate elsewhere.

Where else will you see an entire petrified forest in such fantastic shape? Think about it. Even a solo trek amid the petrified woods would be exciting.

However, if the breathtaking vistas alone aren’t enough to wow you, the history lovers among you might appreciate seeing the remains of ancient peoples’ houses.

Lake Powell

Still, need to add to your Arizona vacation travel itinerary? Try Lake Powell out; why not?

It is an artificial reservoir built on the Colorado River when the Glen Canyon was flooded in 1972. It was a result of the building of the Glen Canyon Dam. In addition to providing water to several states, it is currently one of the top locations in the state for a variety of water sports in an otherwise parched environment.

Why not go fishing, boating, or water skiing at this lake if you’re trying to escape the Arizona summertime heat? Why not take a boat cruise to Rainbow Bridge instead? It’s a stunning rock arch that may best be reached by boat.

Sure, there are other places where similar-looking formations may be existent. But how many of them are perched over a glittering body of water?


Put this location on your list of Arizona vacation locations without further ado.

Tombstone is the place for you, harkening back to the Victorian era. It is when settlers were still advancing westward in pursuit of gold and land. Tombstone is a town specifically intended to appeal to visitors, in contrast to all the other attractions mentioned thus far.

Step inside and let the period-correct architecture and staged recreations of illustrious historical gunfights take you back to the yesterdays of the Old West. Enjoy the activities here as you indulge your love of Western B movies!

There are still whiffs of the town’s mining heritage present for individuals who are looking for more genuine material.

Why not visit the Tombstone Courthouse State Historical Park museum and see if that satisfies your needs?

Trip To ArizonaPlan your trip to Arizona now!

There are plenty of fun things in Arizona for vacation, including several attractions. There are plenty of tourist attractions to enjoy with all the fantastic locations, so make trip plans now.

We hope our list of the top things to do in Arizona for your vacation will enable you to take in all the state’s attractions and visit all its points of interest. To learn more and ensure a comfortable stay in an excellent AZ resort hotel, contact Canoa Ranch Golf Resort!

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